Ive stripped the bark from the yellow box gum trees to one inch pieces. Then soaked it in water overnight. Ive then stripped it further to 5mm diameter and soaked it again. Over the weekend Ill rub it between my hands to break down the fibers even more then start to do a reverse wrap method.

scrapping all the burnt outer layer off with the 90 degree spine of blade
splitting it with an Esse RB3 before pulling it apart with my fingers
top the 5mm pieces ready to soak, below the scrapped burnt outer

Im finding it easiest to place the blade vertically into a bench top and half way though the material and pulling it through to split the bark. Then reverse it to do the other end. When it gets thin enough or soaked enough I can strip it down further using my hands. Ill rub it over weekend to break down the fibers even more.To start and make cordage.