I signed up for a new course following through on bird language. Crows are one bird Ive had trouble understanding.

3 Ways That Studying Crows Can (And Will) Transform Your Connection With Nature And Your Life For The Better

8 Key Mindsets and Misconceptions About Crows That Make Or Break Your Ability To Know What They’re Saying

How Crow Language Is Different From Human Language… And Why That Actually Helps You Learn It Faster!

How To Think Like A Crow So You Can Hone Your Empathy & Instincts For Reading Their Communication

The Difference Between Being In Observation Mode VS Being In Analysis Mode (This Is Why Most People Get Confused About Crows)

The Essential List of Crow Conversations That Accounts For 90% Of Everything They Ever Talk About

Audio And Video Examples Of Crow Vocalizations In Action Plus How They Relate To Body Language & Behavior

How To Locate Crow Predators Like Hawks, Eagles, Owls & Cats By Following Alarm Vocalizations

3 Key Steps To Follow Whenever You See or Hear A Crow In Order To Successfully Interpret What That Crow Is Saying

3 Simple Practice Routines In Just A Few Minutes To Instantly Create More Opportunities For Watching Crows

A Simple Guide To Why Crows Communicate Differently In Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter (And How To Track The Shifting Patterns)

8 Questions To Ask Yourself In Order To Build Absolute Confidence About What Crows Are Communicating Outside

Action Packed Concepts, Techniques, Exercises & Action Steps From Start To Finish!​

01 – Goals & Introduction Of This Course

02 – What I’ve Learned About Crows On My Journey

03 – Mindsets & Misconceptions For Crow Language Mastery

04 – What Do Crows Actually Talk About?

05 – Learning To Read The Sentences & Paragraphs

06 – Essential Crow Vocalizations

07 – A Year In The Life of Crows

08 – The Crow Observation Journal

09 – Observation Journal Walk through

10 – The Overall Process To Practice

11 – Closing Thoughts