I first saw the FireFly on Zachary Fowlers Makery and Mischief channel on Youtube, while he was carving a chess set with the small blade. Im still determined to carve a chess set myself. I couldnt find the FireFly at the time and purchased a Esse CR 2.5 being the closet I could find. I became enamored with small neck knives and eventually located the maker of the Firefly and purchased a Fowlers Grind model now made from D2 steel. Designed by Robert Weir and machined out of one piece 1/2 inch bar stock. The spine is sharpened to 90 degrees for striking against the inbuilt ferro rod. Approximately 100mm just under 4 inches it hangs around the neck quite comfortably, or can be used as a parasite blade for a larger knife.

Apart from being a blade and a ferro rod, when the rod is removed the tube can also be used as a whistle for signalling and the 3 foot paracord lanyard holds 21 feet of cordage unraveled. The belly of the blade is shaped to facilitate carving a divet in a fire-board.The round nonslip knurled handle can be spun in your hands to create the divet or used in conjunction with a bow to make a drill. As advertised “The best survival knife is the one you have with you”. This blade lets you carve, skin, signal, create shelter, fish, start fire , make a firebow,it can even be used as a wood file.

Its one of those little gadgets I prefer to carry like a wazoo Firecraft Necklace but the firefly combines a blade and ferro rod. I always like having a cutting tool and a fire starter on my person. It also makes a great escape and evasion tool. Im looking forward to putting the little blade through its paces.

The only bad thing I could possibly say is that if I choose again I would have picked the Gen 2 Bling Grind to have a sturdier tip. At the time of this writing I believe there are three different grinds available but so far I am very happy with my selection.

Comparrision with a Esse CR2.5