“By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail”

I’m either weird or just Australian. We do things differently to the UK and USA. I start off with a platform to reduce moisture, build a V in the wind direction as its easier to place a tinder bundle into the center and turn that into a crisscross because that’s easier to load, then turn that into a long fire for sustaining the fire and cook on for a bed of coals. I don’t use one or the other but combine them through sections of the build. 1)The starting 2)the load 3)the sustaining. I watch a lot of Hidden Valley Bushcraft, Grey Bearded Green Beret and Corporals Corner. I always pick up great tips on techniques.

4 Basic Fire Lays Hidden Valley Bushcraft

Elevator Fire Lay Grey Bearded Green Beret

Sustaining a fire Corperals Corner

East Woodland Survival

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Log Cabin part 2

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the lean too part 5

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