I was asked the question What to store and how to store and process. Part 1 was about mixing grains and beans to form a complete amino acid chain. My idea behind storing food is to prevent me from going feral for a long as possible and also to avoid what may occur if rioting happens.. I plan on growing gardens to be sustainable. Flour , sugar and powdered milk make a great damper recipe. I dont have the room or the funds for may of the types of food I would like to store. Its easier for me to store flour rather than wheat, the same with rolled oats rather than whole. Beans depends on recipes. I had brought 25 kilo of black beans to later find out I dont like black beans. So lesson is try the recipes before buying bulk. I can live off lentils and rice for ever but you also need the herbs and spices for flavorings. I dont eat many tinned foods but buy vegetables , tomato bases and tuna. Rice, tuna, veges and corn flour an easy tuna mornay.ill try and do a recipe section of the below mentioned grains and how to combine them when Im off the current meds for my leg, but heres a start for anyone wondering where to begin. Tubs and mylar bags suppliers are also listed at end for storage. Essentually pack in mylar bags in rubber sealed tubs as many grains and beans and rice as you can . At the time I did mine it cost me $800 for 25 kilo bags giving me two tubs of each.


hard wheat


yellow split peas

red lentils

haricot navy beans

chick peas

basmati rice


potato flakes


pinto beans

borlotti beans

cannalini beans



powdered milk

grain whole saler


square 15 litre tubs


mylar bags


hard wheat

retzel grain mills