Apart from finishing off Wilderness Medicine that I had to postpone this year due to ill health. I have a fly fishing stream craft course in the new year followed by level 2 bushcraft with Gordon Deadman. Then back to NSW to catch up with Al Ainsworth and Jake Cassar to do more on foraging and bush foods. Followed by Tacmed Australia Tactical Medicine stop the bleed training. Im still looking for a Permaculture Design course at some stage in 2022 aswell.

Meanwhile Im downsizing from a 17 foot caravan. An old timber framed Millard that has been fully restored to a 14 foot trailer fashioned after an American Cargo trailer set up. Lets call it a bug out trailer for fun but Ill be living in it. I have just enough to build it and fit windows and solar before being broke until the sale of the caravan before I can insulate and clad the interior walls, before beginning to travel once again. The 14 footer will be fitted out for more off road use and larger battery and solar panels , an outdoor shower to stay fully off grid for months at a time. Stay tuned for the build posts.

Im looking for someone that has a property that they are willing to lease out a section in exchange for a couple of hours of work a day helping with working the land. Id like to set up an on going Permaculture come food forest garden system. Along with living in a tipi and document it all. Ill see how far I get and how my health holds up but thats the plan so far.