Ill be using double loops also much longer

Ive noticed that techniques are handed down and taught as they have been trained from one instructor to another and everyone does the same thing with very little innovation like bushcraft skills have plateaued . From knots to firebows.

One thing about being on disability is that your always looking for new ways to do things to make it easier. Whats the saying work smarter not harder. So currently if your a new reader I have been on a walking frame and leg brace for almost four months and I want to practice Hand Drill. My dirtime is restricted to the front yard of my caravan.

So my idea is to use a four foot spindle and try lighting a fire standing up. I have a few ideas since trying to find spindle material that long and straight in the bush is difficult.

My first adaption is using oak from a hardware store. The second adaption is to drill out the oak doweling to fit a piece of grass tree stem into the base to have the correct material for a spindle. Third adaption is to drill horizontally into the oak before splitting to act as a stop cut to prevent further splitting. and to cut vertically into the end of the oak dowel with a saw. Firstly drilling vertically into the dowel to insert the finer grade material of course.

This way I can insert a six inch piece of grass tree slightly with a slightly wider diameter into the end of the oak and the friction from the split should keep it in place. Ill then do a whip finish with bank line over the top to secure.

The final adaption will be to use a flat piece of board from my feet to the hearth board to act as a wedge so I can hold the spindle out from my body. I plan on using the easy method of hand drill at first but cutting a notch in the top of the spindle and running paracord down to two loops.

At the bottom of the links Ive also included alternative methods of using a fire bow. Which will be the project after this one and Ill also be trying that standing. Jake Cassar has shown me a method of standing using a three foot spindle and leaning in a long stance which works but ill be trying to go higher again.

Easy Method

Floating Hand Method

Beginners guide

Fire Bow

Double Rope Fire Bow Technique

Tips and Tricks

Body Mechanics