Disclaimer; Dont get your panties in a twist

I know its a bushcraft blog but I also train in several martial arts, archery, shooting,fishing, I build stuff etc etc. Im disabled, not dead and I make the most out of the time I have. I may start a martial art section but I dont write that much about martial arts to make it worth while. So Im placing this under the prep section.

Id like to recommend the online training at the Kali Center. With covid Ive been trying to keep up with my training especially with a low immune system so online seems the go. There arent a lot of online training courses that I can recommend and Ive done many but this one i can can goes into a lot of depth and worth looking at.

I would wait till he runs specials to get the best price. Ive trained primarily in Amok as a knife skill. The kali Ive trained in made knife work look like Tai Chi. Ive found one flaw in most martial arts is that no one cross trains. MMA takes bits and pieces but they dont train in the individual martial art to se what they are trying to teach.

There are only so many ways of punching or kicking, its the intent or mindset or energy that training in each style allows you to obtain. So I cross train in knife fighting. I have my primary style of Amok but also look at Floro, Traditional Apache, Systema, Bowie knives, Libre etc.

While traveling and studying theres only so much you can do so this is my way to keep up with blade work. The past few years Ive trained mainly in weaponry, its easier when you have injuries that trying to do high kicks and walking away with bruises covering your body, which I do anyway, as I mainly pick combative styles to train in. I have 65% lung capacity if I dont walk away after a session feeling like Ive been run over by a truck then I dont see the sense in training in that style.

I luv Amok. It took me 5 years of training before I had permission to get an Amok tattoo. I told Tom Sotis Id get it in my armpit so he knew I was serious but I still cross train. Sticks and Jo are a great way to keep up my rehab as well. A great passively way of working injuries and building up damaged tissue.



As a side note I didnt get a tattoo to say Ive trained in blades. I had lost a over decade of my life to sickness and probably tried to make up for it too fast. The guys in Amok and Systema took me in and made it easier for me to re-adjust to a normal life around people. I got the tattoo to honor them. I may write about it sometime.