Some of my current knife collection. Top to bottom.

Almar Sere 2000
Benchmade Griptillian
Cold steel ti lite
Kershaw blur

Spyderco delica zombie
Spyderco delica serrated
Spydeco pikal folder
Spydeco tenacious

  • Sere 2000 and Tenacious

Askari backup
Mission knives MBK ti
CRKT Bearclaw
Spyderco pikal fixed
Spyderco Temperance

  • Temperance and Jeff Crowner TORIS – TROIKA Knife

Tops Ferret
Katz Parrasite
Tops Scapal
Esse CR2.5
Gene Ingram pocket warncliffe

Scrapyard knives warden
Spyderco Moran fb101
Spyderco mule team

Jeff Crowner bush knife
Jeff Crowner golok
JEB kukri

Becker BK 2 01 steel
Becker BK 7 01 steel

Spyderco bushcraft
Quickhatch knives bushman
Tops Tanimboca Pukko
Lt Wright Shemanese
Esse RB 3

Jeff Crowner TYR Group tracker
Almar Sere Operator
Tops 4.5 hog
Caldwell 1 in 6

  • Jeff Crowner 12 inch bush knife

Im down from 600 blades. You can only carry so many when traveling. I still have an LT Wright Sospes on order.