Condor k tac kukri desert – Im not a big kukri fan, Ive had another four kuks including an extrema ratio and a cold steel. Id probably get another cold steel when they come out in 3V and replace the handle with micarta. The Ktact is the closet.

Tops earth skills – really looking forward to trying this one out.

Extrema ratio waki – Ive trained in several blade disciplines. My sword work was primarily Aikido and kali. I prefer short swords as Ive trained longer in Kali. 12 to 14 inch blades are my favorite.

Tops firestrike 45 – I was looking at the 7 inch hunters point version of the anaconda and found this one instead. I dont like choils.

Tops cuma kage – another short sword/machete style.

Id have to modify

Tops Brakimo – from the looks of it Id like to round off the grip more and go over the spine to bring it to a full 90 degrees.

Tops bob field craft 154cm green micarta – once again sharpen the spine , round off the jimping, grind back the pommel depending on the balance.


Tops anaconda 9 inch tanto point – been a big fan of Ron hood.

Becker bk 9 and 7 – had both of these. What Im thinking of is modifying the BK9 to BK7 clip point and length to have a thicker version

Tops msk 2.5

Tops scandi trekker

Let me know in comments what you think or own them.