You’ve heard of knuckle dragging well I was leg dragging today. Been a little under the weather with a mild bug, probably an upper chest infection and was resting up yesterday trying to work on a knot master class amendment and thought Id better do some rehab for the leg today. I hadn’t tried getting down the stairs to the beach as yet and thought a walk to the jetty would be a good goal. I made that easy and then my stubbornness got the better of me and well hows a walk to the river mouth sound.The last 200 meters there I was dragging my leg. It was screaming at me to stop and sit down but I knew if I did Id never get back up. It was a very long walk back to camp and straight onto pain killers.. The furthest Ive walked in two years, since the operation.

night before pics
the jetty of a night
coastal rock formations
end of the beach
jetty closups
the water is almost lake like
sand dunes
river mouth entrance
finally at the river mouth
in the background is the jetty, dont know hoe far it was but it hurt
the last 50 meters and the stairs were the worse
the sea view from my van