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Ive discovered I have a mobile sit spot. My van! It comes down to perspective. I can either be working in it, cooking, cleaning etc or simply sitting enjoying everything around me and having the birds and weather come to me.

I often txt a mate pictures of sunsets as an attempt to introduce him to something else. A state of mind. I sit there most nights watching the sun set and it takes my mind some where else. Ill keep doing this until eventually he sends a picture back to me.

The pics below are of just one night. I sat there for two hours taking pictures and watching the colors change through the spectrum.

The colors just kept getting better and better. The best ones are always at the near end.

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  1. Karen

    Hi Zach, it’s Karen – friend of Maryanne & Snow.
    Maryanne just let me know about your website & told me about your photos. The sunset ones a so beautiful. The Colours are amazing. When I get time I’ll explore more.
    Take care.

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