This is something I have never had any interest in at all. That is until hearing a speech by Bruce Zawalsky at once again you guessed it the Global Bushcraft Symposium 2022. Ill be listening to speeches for the next four days.

There are several reasons why I never looked into the shelter system. I don’t carry plastic sheeting, lightweight space blankets (other than first aid kits) or breathable parachute material. There are no saplings where i have lived that are pinky finger thickness and long enough, maybe three finger thickness. I also thought these shelters were only for minus 20 degree weather. Ive yet to see snow.

My first question after watching the speech was. ” Why has no one ever sewn the three layers of material together to form one product”? Then you have the correct sizing and percentages of material to one another.

What got me interested is that a student of Bruce’s was from South Africa and he had set up the shelter there to try it out. Africa being a similar latitude to Australia.

Maybe the best I could do is make an A- framed version with thicker saplings, then I saw a modified version for the Eastern Woodlands and this set me off. I had to learn about a shelter system that was designed for extreme snow. I think the thermal dynamics is what interested me the most. How it works? That you can sleep without socks or gloves or a sleeping bag in extreme conditions.

I may have to add a painters drop sheet to my heavy duty Mylar blanket!

Mors Kochanski Super Shelter

Modified Version for Eastern Woodlands