I’m currently surrounded by boxes full of gear that I’m trying to sort through to downsize for living within a van. If it doesn’t fit into a knapsack to fit into my van and going to be used for something its either being sold, given away or trashed. I came up with enough items to form the basic kit for the Pathfinder Basic Course list. This course was coming to Australia however the plague hit but here’s still hoping. Its giving me goals to get my leg strong enough to walk distances.

Sord Daypack

Mora Garberg

Silky Saw Outback Pocketboy 170mm

Leatherman tool or SAK ? Swiss Soldier 08

2 Bic lighters

6 x 1/2 inch ferro rod (Dragons Breath)

Mylar blanket (SSA Survival)

6 plastic tent pegs

Swagman Roll

4 6mil 55 gal drum liners

100 feet paracord

100 feet 36 bank line

2 32 oz stainless steel single walled water bottles with nesting cup

Compass Suuto MC2 and pacing beads

3×3 100% cotton material calico


14 sail needle

Headlamp and spare batteries (Princeton Tec FRED)

Gorilla duct tape 2 inch

All weather note book and pencils

Hygiene items – toothbrush, deodorant, meds, toilet paper

Food – biltong, cliff bars, tuna sachets

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