Ive talked to many people lately that mention bugging out if the system collapses, but not one has considered how to set up a permanent camp site for extended, sustainable long term use. I have already written about setting up a large scale village style water filter system using barrels. Below Id like to touch on the topic of 1) Composting Toilet systems, 2) Hot Water systems, both firewood, LPG and kerosene powered. To cover the problem of sanitation and Hygiene in a long term scenario.

There are three hot water systems in links below based on a donkey rocket boiler that use either wood or kerosene and a joolca lpg system. A Bush toilet system using buckets and composting bins. A barrel designed system, along with a composting system made from wheelie bins Thats without even getting into waste water ie grey water disposal. Theres more to consider than just camping out hunting game. Especially when larger groups are involved.

Something to think about. Check out the research below. I hope theres something there for everyone and it gives people a different perspective.

Bush Toilet

Wheelie Bin Toilet

Barrel System Toilet

Humanure Bucket System

Gravity Fed Kerosene Hot Water system

Crestwood Wood Fired Hot Water system


Rocket Stove Heater Explained

Adobe Rocket Heater

LPG Powered Joolca


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