Prepping is a life style not something you can really do here and there. Life gets in the way every now and again. Ive noticed many of my friends that are into prepping are the same way, but lately they have gotten back into the prepper mindset with all that is going on in the world.
Governments have learned that it is much easier to fight each other through proxy and economics than ever firing a shot and to control people through fear rather than force.
I myself had put aside prepping to deal with loss, injury, rehab and building a new home to live in. I had enough tinned, jar food and TP to last 6 months which over the last nine months has slowly been rotated into oblivion to help save funds to pay off vet and mechanical bills. I’m still trying to save for a small trailer and working on my van which includes another fridge.
My preps are by far not complete but Ive thought of starting to stock up again on essentials. Storage room is now my short coming, hence the trailer idea. I was always buying extra tinned tomato’s when out on sale, I put them in everything from stews to curry’s. With the rising price of food and fuel I walk through the markets now and barely come out with anything for the same money which a year ago would have filled a trolley.
Seeds are once again on my list many still out of stock, chicken forage, wild garlic, strawberry spinach, walking onions, alpine strawberry’s, goose berry’s, salsify, burdock, mangel wuzel, okra. Anything easy to grow from seed and can be used as a staple.
I no longer watch the news, I no longer care about which countries are fighting one another, which are trying to create their own currency, or trying to launder off their old stock piles of arms to fight by proxy or the new variants of germ warfare. I don’t know how else you would describe our latest plague. I wont say the (C) word its not politically correct.
I prep because I know if anything goes wrong there’s always food in the pantry, even if I cant afford anything else.