I guess there’s always a reason for something happening. I had started my tracking course and all the required reading books I was finding very difficult to locate or shops that would post to my location. Still looks like a 20 day wait on many of them to arrive. I cant go much further with the course until I can read a few chapters into several of the books. Many of the books were written by Jon Young. I ended up coming across a Australian website on Mentoring that was selling Coyotes Guide to Connecting with Nature run by Miles Holmes whom also runs Rewild Fridays in Bellingen NSW.

The four week sessions cover: Bird language, Holistic tracking, Sensory awareness, The quiet mind, Village building process, Nature games, Wandering, Simple ceremony, Cordage, Local Indigenous excursions, Silent movement and stalking, Stone tool making, Fire by friction, Weaving, Primitive pottery, Primitive footwear, Hide tanning, Primitive cooking, Shelter building, Camouflage, Trapping and snares, Wild foods, Light, torches and candles.

It looks like Ive already started making a list of courses to do when Im back on my feet and can travel again. If there’s anyone out there that can put me onto a copy of Seeing Through Native Eyes also by Jon Young that is located within Australia, it would be much appreciated.