Found a nice place for my morning rehab walk. I was trying to to find a place along the river where I could get down to the water to try fishing. Too nicer day not to. There were a few spots where I could make it down the bank but no chance of making it back up with the knee. Great little track to walk along. Masses of Correllas squawking over head the whole way. Pitty the sun wasn’t out , when it gets over head the red in the sand stone cliffs really stands out.

start of hike
I love the old heritage buildings in the area
parked by the river
surrounded by peppercorn trees
Kookaburra posing for me
nice place to rest
water id darker than usual. Most of the time you can see to the bottom
walking track
sandstone cliff face
correllas every where
corellas posing
other end of the walkway
sandstone formations
cliff face erosion
my first you-tube vid. the sound of thousands of corellas squawking overhead during my hike