I may be a bit of a gear head but I also play with everything extensively until I find what I like to use and employ in different situations. I purchased to Eskar to carry for traditonal bushcraft training however I very rarely use it other than for that purpose, preferring the Agawa Boreal 21 for cutting most fire wood. I keep the Eskar just because its a beautifull piece of timber and to strap to a bedroll. The Boreal 21 will more than likely end up in my 4wd Utes recovery gear box due to the size.

Im having a similar situation with the laplander vs the silky. I like the locking system and grip on the laplander but dont like cutting with it at all and have converted to the silky but have goton to the stage of shelving both in favour of the boreal 15. I have enough gear on my belt as it is and removing small saws makes more sense to me. id rather carry my Gransfors Bruks Outdoors axe on my belt instead.

The only time I use a saw currently is one) for fire bow construction in which case its easier to use either the saw on my SAK or an opinel 12 for finer cuts. The saw on my leathernam is also suitable but Ive also stopped wearing this in the bush and keep my charge Ti in my pack. Wearing a mulitool in an urban environment is another matter.

So my current frame of thought is if Im making fireboard sets have the Opinel in either my belt pouch or haversack but Im hooked on the Boreal 15.

The second) use if cutting firewood. So what Id like to do with the Boreal 15 is to make a pouch system to hold spare saw blades and parts and attach this to the strap of my haversack. The 15 just works so much better and has much less chance of breaking over the folding style saws that dont have a front support for larger pieces of timber.

small saws;leatherman, SAK, opinel

Let me know your thoughts!

Bahco laplander


Eskar Folding Buck Saw


Boreal 21


Boreal 15


Opinel number 12


Silky Pocket Boy Outback 170mm