Ive been trying out a few different knots in an effort to learn the best combination for setting up a plow point tarp and came across the below you-tube clip by Taro Movies Swiss Bushcraft and Survival that uses a short length of cordage and incorporates an Evank Hitch to the tree and a Taut Tarp Hitch to the tarp for adjust-ability. I thought this was a great combination of knots I already use for A-frame tarps. It just never occurred to me to use the same knots for a plow point in that way.Ive been using the plow point or diamond fly set up more and more to have protection on three sides and I can have a fire out the front. I’m also using canvas tarps more than nylon, so trying to get tension on a heavy 3×3 canvas tarp is much harder when setting up an A-frame.

In the second video Turtle Bushcraft shows a great modification to the ridgeline in order to hold up the center seam.