Ive been trying to update several pieces of equipment and after painstaking research into developing a better layering system and fed up freezing my backside off when the weather changes, layering has become the only way to go.

I usually try wearing thermals and if necessary clothing inside a bag but now Ive chosen to bite the bullet and invest in a decent system around Snugpak products. With a special Forces complete system of bags that includes the special forces bags 1 and 2.

Versatility was the aim of this systems design so that it suits any trip in any environment. You can use the sleeping bags individually or layer them together to cover all conditions. The Complete System gives you the Special Forces 1 Bag for use in above freezing temperatures and the Special Forces 2 Bag for use in temperatures right down to -10°C. Then, when you’re in extreme conditions, you place the Special Forces 2 Bag inside the Special Forces 1 Bag and join them together with the extra zip baffle, so you’re protected in conditions right down to -20°C.

Ive also purchased the TS1 liner to complete the system with which I can also wear ice Breaker thermals. Then I can interchange any of the bags and liner/thermals combinations to suit any temperature range.

This system will be incorporated into my ranger roll with the Platatac Burrow Bivvi bag and Sea to summit 3/4 insulated pad.

Darche Cold Mountain Canvas 1400 (Swag use)


Snugpak Special Forces Complete System Olive


Snugpak Jungle bag (Summer use) Olive


Snugpak TS1 Liner Coyote


Recon 3 (Old bag)