I must have been the longest serving probationary member of my local Flyfishing club. I think I spent close to four months dragging an oxygen bottle up and down the stairwell to the club rooms before it became too much and could no longer do it.

Toorongo river view from Bridge

I had done a casting course years before and used casting practice for rehab after my back operations along with knife and axe throwing to keep me moving. So it has actually taken me 12 years to catch a trout on a fly, after my two lung transplants.

the stretch of water we were wading through

Which I finally did today. So I just wanted to thank Ross for taking me out to finally finish off one of my bucket list items.

200 meters to this fallen tree

I had booked a stream-craft course through Hurleys Flyfishing store, while I was still in Victoria waiting on several other courses to start.

caught the rainbow in this pool

We covered using waders, which I had never used. Crossing streams, small stream casting which was very different from what I was shown many years previously. Entomology, which flys to use for Victoria, different casting techniques and knots etc. Including an introduction to nymphing.

little 150 gram brown

I ended up catching 6 Brown Trout in a 200 meter stretch of water before lunch and 1 Rainbow after lunch in the Toorongo River just outside Noogee Victoria. All were under 200 grams. However I learnt alot about fishing small streams and brushed up on my casting techniques.

the view from the paddock. lots of deer sign

I used a Stalker Glide 4 weight 8 foot rod for this size stream and a double rig using a dry fly called a Tabanas in conjunction with a Pheasant Tail Nymphs with orange collars and Hares Ear with pink tag that my guide had brought along. However I am looking at purchasing a Hardys smuggler 4 weight 8 footer for my self, if my caravan ever sells. We did a little nymphing which has made me curious about Tenkara fishing methods.

Flies to try in Victoria;

Starting patterns

Dry Flies

Royal Wulf

Royal Stimulater

Elk Hair Caddis

Red tag


Hares Ear in Olive, Black and Brown

Wet Flies



Wooley buggers in Black, Brown and Olive