(I haven’t been getting much done recently. I’m on my fourth course of antibiotics to get rid of this persisting cough, which keeps me up all night. Leaving me with no energy to train or do rehab. A big thx to Darrin and Sage for helping to drag in the tarps and model the poncho for me. In-between me trying not to puke every 50 feet and coughing my ring-hole up.)


attaches to the swagman roll at the corners using toggles
middle connection
hood fit between the swagman roll and the tentsmiths poncho
attached together while wearing

I’m amazed the Tentsmiths poncho isn’t more popular on you-tube. Fits over the Swagman roll perfectly. Ill try and do a full review when I can get over this bug.

9×9 Tarp

We hiked in about 300 meters through the reserve with me coughing and trying not to puke. I was determined to get a post up. We only managed two variations and I was worn out.

holden tarp set up
diamond fly method 1
method 1 side view

What I didn’t like about the Holden was while setting up all the weight was on the front attachment point requiring a truckers knot to lift it up. I much preferred the Diamond where the front was placed into position and the weight was taken off the rest of the tarp. The Holden would have worked better using nylon I believe.

When I get a chance Ill be setting up the Method 2 Diamond and taking the extra time to attach cordage from the center tie to life the middle up.

Sage in the background whimpering that she isnt in the center of attention