I was watching a presentation by Bruce Zawalsky on the Mors Kochanski Super shelter at the GBS 2022 Online and made the comment.

“May seem like a silly question but why hasn’t anyone ever sewn the three layers , plastic breathable nylon and space blanket together?” Meaning it seemed like a cold weather shelter why hadnt anyone sewn the layers together and marketed it as a one piece emergency system.

I received a reply from Marcel lafond

“Go ahead, try it. It should work. I even suggest that using a hammock inside one rather than making a bed could allow for a portable shelter that could be moved to a fresh wood source as the resources deplete in one spot or another. Consider the Harlton Hacienda, (invented by Kelly Harlton) a modified Supershelter that is strung between two supports with a ridge line.”

I thought this was a great idea. So Im going to try and find someone that can sew the plastic sheet and a heavy duty mylar blanket together and run a ridgeline and see what happens.