Lure of the North David and Kielyn Marrone are bad influences. This is an irrefutable fact. I watched David and Kielyns speeches at the Global Bushcraft Symposium Online and found their talks to be one of the most inspirational Ive heard in a long time. Between Davids talk on making his own gear and Kielyns on traveling by sled and snow shoes through the north Woods of Canada I wanted to pack my bags and head to the northern bush.

I was going through their website and found an instructional section on making your own gear. Strange from a company that also sells the same products. I came across and instructional on making a Trail Toboggan. I really like working with my hands and the idea of making my own sled I cant pass up. The idea that traditional equipment is better than modern materials intrigues me. I own a pair of mocs but now I’m looking at adding a pair of cold weather mukluks too.

I’m not sure how practical a sled is in Australia, I may have to put wheels on it but I’m sure its easier than making a canoe by hand.Im going to have to find a workshop. This is something I can do on one leg. Id like to try and make my own snow shoes too.