I was listening to John Rhyders presentation at GBS 2022 online and like so many of the speeches has led me to avenues that I either hadn’t heard of before and hadn’t considered. Tracking has always fascinated me. I must own at-least 20 books on tracking , my main interest was man tracking rather than animals. I ended up finding the below course in the links below after looking up Cyber Tracking. For some reason South Africa always comes up when cross referencing searches for Australia.

I emailed the course instructors asking about the relevance in Australia?

“The intro course is relevant anywhere in the world. Even though the examples given are Southern African, it is more about giving you a process to learn than about specifics.”

Ive found one of my next courses. Looks like Ill be in this leg brace for some time. Online training is getting me through a lot of rehab and days of pain with this severed tendon.

Correspondence Courses for Trackers

From novice to expert, in the city or in the wild

“A mentor’s job is to create a pathway for their students to exceed them.”

– Lee & Kersey

Tracker Mentoring, a place to find comprehensive online and correspondence tracking courses, with a community of learners and expert mentors to guide you.

“Tracking isn’t particularly hard, it just takes time and practice. A mentor helps to speed up the process by giving you a solid foundation, and redirection when you need it. Let us help you to break it down, and build you up.” – Kersey Lawrence and Lee Gutteridge, CyberTracker Senior Trackers and Evaluators.

We practice teaching and learning in the CyberTracker style.

CyberTracker Tracker Certification is the international “Gold Standard” for certifying the skill level of trackers.

Why “Cyber”Tracker? The original concept was software that allowed non-literate San trackers to collect data, in-the-field. This allowed them to use their expertise in employed opportunities for wildlife and land management. The Tracker Certification System followed, as a means to verify the skill level of trackers.