all terrain bedroll

I have finally finished my traditional bedroll, using a Blues Bushcraft Boutique All Terrain Bedroll coupled with swag straps made by Al Ainsworth at Howling Dingo Leatherworks and a secondary blanket that I had purchased many years ago from C.J Wilde at Wilde Weavery which were hand woven and made for 18th century reenacting. I found the blanket after it was mentioned in an article by Mark. A. Baker in a Pilgrims Journey Vol 1. Another 5 weeks with the leg brace on according to the physio, that will make it 6 months hobbling around. The bedroll will be one of the first things Ill be taking bush to try out over a few nights. I haven’t spent this long near towns in a long time.

wilde weavery 18th century reproduction blanket
howling dingo swag straps

Wilde Weavery

Blues Bushcraft Boutique

Howling Dingo Leatherwork

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