Looks like Dan Wowak from Coalcraker Bushcraft did it again. I really enjoy his hacks. The problem Ive been having with pot hangers is that most of them require staking into the ground. This is great when the soil is soft but where Ive been camping it always seems to be hard ground and these haven’t had much in the way of adjust-ability for simmering. Ive tended to like a tripod for this reason but hadn’t figured out how to use multiple pots. Just add a cross-piece to two of the tripod legs. Easy! And move the legs in and out from the coals The only improvement I can think of would be an idea I saw on an old Hoods Woods dvd with Ron Hood that incorporates a longer leg on the third tripod leg which can be rotated to raise the cordage holding the primary pot.

Coalcracker Hack

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