The job for the past two days are making stencils to replace the two rear door cover plates. Before making the door covers out of hard wood ply and painting.

from plastic covers
to full sheet cover panels out of MDF for patterns to below
to smaller inlay covers to look neater
stenciling process before tracing corners out
finding the curves

The smaller covers will fit better, but will have to have other blocks made for the door mechanisms. Going to head off shortly and watch my mates wife sing in a band at the local pub (Blue Chili). Haven’t had a beer in a long while, looking forward to a schnitzel parmigiana before finishing off the roof racks and door panels cut outs.

The hot spiced cider around the burn barrels got the best of me, knock off time for work today. Spending the rest of the afternoon keeping my mate company in the workshop while he finishes off a Myrtle Burl knife handle sipping whiskey by the fire.

shaped ready to polish