I ended up selling my 2019 Ford Raptor, which I never thought Id do. That thing would go any where . Then brought a Mercedes Sprinter 313 LWB 2013 high roof to make into a camper to live the Van Life. Much easier when traveling doing courses having a vehicle to sleep in. I started off in a 30 foot Bedford bus, downsized to a caravan and now to a van over the past five years.

Ill be driving the van to Tasmania for the build by Antisocial Engineering in Margate and get to spend a month in Tassi doing the build and taking some time off to check out the scenery and trout fishing..

The build will consist of insulating and sound deadening everything, installing solar and batteries, futon queen sized bed at rear (sideways), lounge near the sliding doorway and a kitchenette. The roof and walls will be will be a blackout concept with timber batons covering the walls an ceiling and strip lights leading up either edge of the roof. Beech floor covered in 6mm hybrid vinyl floor planks to match the ceiling.

Build Parts:

Method Race Wheels 703 17″x8.5″

Maxxis AT811 265/70R 17 Tyres

Motexion Beech ply LWB floor

Terrawagon flare kit

Van Essential insulated window covers

Maxair roof vent and cover

Parts Supplied by:


Build :

Antisocial Engineering


Solar System


(Three attempts to deliver the two lithium batteries, they supplied the wrong regulator with the kit. They stopped making the 175 amp size so to increase to four batteries I now have to sell the two I purchased and will be going back to AGMs. Returned the agm reg for a refund that has now been over two months and they don’t answer their phones and when they do they have not received or cannot find the returned item. Their warranty and customer service sucks I would not recommend company to deal with again.)




Leto Bamboo: ( higher density for sound reduction and heat dispersion ) Anne was great to deal with. Had written up a cutting plan, and shipping to two different destinations.


New England Backbutt: Ask for John, he informed me which brands to suit a vehicle with 5G locking systems, txted me pictures of the exact colours. Also great to deal with.


Design Influences: