I Guess I met Al through social media. We kept in touch over the years and when I had a chance to start traveling again I booked a training session through him. Id just crossed the border and lock downs commenced and most of my courses had to be cancelled. Als was one of the few I could still do. He had started doing walks for people with Disabilities. I explained that I had a low immune system and booked a private day walk tutorial in the New Castle area, through many of the bike ways and paths. We covered coastal foraging, natural navigation, tracking, bush tucker. I learnt a lot during the day and hope to get back to NSW next year to do more day walks with Al at different times of the year to see what plants are available to forage. He is now planning to teach natural navigation, bush knot work, wild teas as courses in 2022 and due to covid specializing in private tutorials. Its also worth checking out his etsy leather store “Howling Dingo” for traditional leather work. Al can be contacted through FB.