Im not calling this 101 because I know what Im doing but because its going to take me 101 trys at this to get it right. Im not even going to get into the processing side of it. Norforce has to make a 3 meter piece of cordage from natural fibres in order to pass the survival component of their training including gathering and processing the materials.

Processing depends on the type of material being used, whether bark, grasses or roots. This starts from gathering materials to separating fibers and drying to preshrink before even starting the production of cordage making.

I started weaving and rope making after a short course with Zimmi Forrest from Weaving Nature. I probably made the ugliest basket and rope there. The problem I had with the reverse twist method is that my hands would cramp up. So today Im going to try the leg roll method, for which there seems several ways of doing this.

When I start learning a new skill Im not happy till I own it. Which means I have to be able to do it front ways, back ways, sideways, eyes closed and under pressure. Cordage making Im not going to own for a very long time.

There are three ways of making natural cordage. 1)the reverse twist 2) leg roll and 3)finger roll.

Leg Roll Method

Finger roll method

2 Ply reverse Twist