I had just emailed 160 OT’s Occupational Therapists in the hope of finding one that could do a functional assessment for me and was taking a break and I always like to check out Dan Ward at Ochoco Bushcraft after dealing with medical issues rather than have a beer when dealing with the medical system. He was talking about having a backup buchcraft knife in a cross-draw rig on his latest video. He designed the knife with Sagebrush Customs to have a short blade but a full size grip which is missing on most neck knives.

It occurred to me that I had done something similar but had never thought of actually calling it a backup blade. I like larger blades as a primary 6 to 8 inches. I currently have a LT Wright Sospes on order with a 6 inch blade length. However I find when doing the normal bushcrafty jobs on courses a smaller knife length is handier for carving chores. So what I had done is modify the sheath of an ESSE RB3 to a cross-draw to carry on my left side for use with smaller jobs.

Has anyone else thought of having a similar system?