My first night of Bird Language with Andrew the Bird Guy. My reasons for getting into Bird language were while having my leg in a brace for six months I would sit in my caravan doorway feeding the Rosella Parrots and listening to their conversations and wondered what they were saying to each other.

Where I’m currently located I’m not far from a major highway. Not much in the way of wildlife. I have Major Mitchells, Kookaburras first thing in the morning (5am), Minor birds, Sparrows and Magpies. Were supposed to be on the look out for Pied Currawongs and Owlet Night Jars But I have never heard their calls in this area. Its a two hour drive to decent bush land now.

Several good books were mentioned including The Peregrine by J.A. Baker and Landmarks by Robert Macfarlane. Ive noticed that the birds in my front yard have differing feeding times. The Sparrows feed at a different time to the Minor birds and then the Magpies come in after them.

The Sit Spot :

My past sit spots I have watched the Rosella’s mentioned above and had one place where I could sit for hours watching Wedge Tailed Eagles soar through the thermals. Here I have a chair in my front yard where I sit of a morning and do my rehab exercises for my knee with a cup of tea and talk to the birds. The Magpies have become so used to me that they now fly down to greet me every time I go outside to carve a spoon, to watch the traffic go past or take photos of the sunset..

I listen to their calls. The young ones wanting to be fed, the teenagers calling for mates. The mother takes care of them all with a care I have not seen before. I believe they usually throw out the babies after the first year, however they have several generations here in the yard with her.

The Corella’s nested in the trees across the road for one night. The noise lasted till three in the morning, hundreds of them. They seem to have moved on, not enough food in the area maybe?

Other than birds :
The Peach trees have just finished fruiting , many rotted on the trees from the Black Parrots raiding the trees. The Plums are almost ready to pick. The Ribwort Plantain and the Comfrey are coming up every where. No bees but plenty of wasps. Not the pain in the butt ones, the ones that hunt spiders. Cabbage Moths are appearing but not bothering the vegetable patch. I can hear the odd Kookaburra in the background. The Sunsets are different everyday. I make a point of walking out the front to watch the changes every night.