I think this is update 5 ? I have been going a little stir crazy after three months and have been looking for projects that I can do within a 200 meter walk or should I say hobble.

In the last 6 months Ive had a heart problem they now believe may have been an allergy to ginger. Cancer removed from my throat, cancer removed from my right shoulder twice. Both caught early enough that I didn’t require Kemo. A nice 80mm scar to add to the ever growing collection.

Severed my left quad tendon and had it reattached. They firstly said two months in a brace then three now Im in a brace until I can support the knee and looking at a year of rehab before Im back to 100 %. Another 200mm scar, haha. Its taken me a week but I can now light my leg three inches for a couple of seconds.

Also had my third scan on my pancreas from a lump they found four years ago.Lucked out there too, no growth. one more scan in two years due to my previous history with immune suppression. Its been a busy few months.

So every little job Ive put off Im now trying to get done. Watching way too much you-tube and doing as many online training courses as I can afford on disability.

Im now hassling smokers for old Bic lighters I can smash and fix. Catching up on all my text books on wilderness medicine and plant study, mushroom ID etc.

Getting a lot of writing and research done at least. Between the rehab exercises and off all the morphine and endone, so I can concentrate a little more. Still getting pain but managing it better.

Its going to take at least six months of intense training before I can go back to in person training courses, Ive lost 10 kilo in muscle.

I wanted to say thank you to my friends for helping me out over the past few months.