Knots used in Bushcraft are as varied as teachers. Each knot can be as hard or easy to learn depending on how its taught. People learn in different ways. Some by seeing, some by hearing, some by doing. You can show me a knot in your hands and I wont get it, but show me in a diagram and Ill have it in a few minutes.

When I first starting getting back into bushcraft my first excursion was to the Australian Sydney Morakniven Adventure and I couldnt remember how to do a Bowline. This is after using it for many years in both the SES (State Emergency Service) and in Tree Surgery. Knot tying is a perishable skill.

Since then I brought many books on Knot Tying but found most of them had more knots than Ill ever use in bushcraft or were too complicated in how they either told you, or how the knot was tied, or the diagrams were photos making them useless too.

You can make knots as basic or as interesting as you like. Half a dozen knots will let you get away with most things. (If you cant tie knots well , then tie many). With the basic principals, tent pegs can be employed to make use of loops within knots. Such as bowlines and a peg to rap around a tree instead of actually tying a complicated knot.

Bushcraft however is a multi-disciplined activity and Learning the right knots for the right application takes alot out of the guess work, allowing you to form a system approach out of the different disciplines. By knowing which knots apply to a ridgeline, which to guylines and tensioning principles it becomes easier and looking at a book with 200 knots suddenly becomes six knots that can be added to to become a dozen letting the skills you use look more professional and not just making do.

A hitch is used for binding cordage to an object. (Rope to pole)
A lashing is the arrangement of rope, used to secure and fasten two or more ploles together in a rigid manner.(pole to Pole)
Knot a fastening made by looping a piece of string, rope, or something similar onitself and tightening. (Rope to Rope)

Research , Knots used by different instructors;

Dave Canterbury, in his book Bushcraft 101 shows the following knots however if you visit his youtube channels with associated teachers youll find many more have been added. Stop knot, slip knot, bowline, larks Head, Jam knot, Truckers Hitch (Now improved truckers hitch on youtube ), Prusik knot, fishermans knot, timber hitch, Clove hitch and Shear lash and Cross lash.

Mors Kochanski, covers the Jam knot, Constrictor, Sheet Bend, Reef, Taut Line Hitch, Figure of eight.

Ray Mears, in his book teaches the Taut Line Hitch, Evenk Siberian hitch,

Paul Kirkly, from Frontier Bushcrafts online course shows.overhand knot/thumb knot, 1)fixed loop, 2) sliding loop, 3)stopper knot, 4)joining two lines. Figure 8 knot as a fixed loop and slidding knot.Hitches; round turn and two half hitches, clone hitch with two methods of tying, one for the end of the anchor and one for the middle of the anchor.and for tarps the evank hitch, taut tarp hitch and the adjustable loop.

Richard Graves Australian Bushcraft handbook, Thumb knot, overhand knot, figure 8, sheet bend, doube sheet bend, corossover sheet bend, reef knot, thief knot , carrick bend, stopper hitch, flemish knot, fishermans knot, overhand fishermans knot, bowline, fishermans eye knot, slip knot, overhand eye knot, flemish eye knot, crabbins hitch, man harness knot, midshipmans hitch, jury knot, bow thong hitch, slippery hitch, clove hitch, boat knot, double boat knot, rolling hitch, timber hitch, halliard hitch, blackwall hitch, noose hitch, catpaw hitch, larks head, cross over larks head, double larks head, tripple larks head, sailers backhand knot, sailors knot, gunners knot, catspaw, kellick hitch, tom fools knot, sheepshank, sheepshank toggled, drum sling, chain knot, double chain knot, twist knot, wall knot, stopper knot, crowning knot, manrope knot, mathew walker, diamond knot, turkshead, shamrock knot, button knot, selvedge, square lashing, diagonal lashing, sheer lashing, not including the splicing and whipping and netting.

Richard Graves Australian Bushcraft handbook

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Grogs Animated Knots

Improved truckers Hitch Corporals Corner

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