I have a few theories, I would like to share that I havent seem implemented. One was introducing Kali (Stick fighting) into physical rehab. Your twirling a stick around. Its not only great as a passive physical means of rehabilitation for uppe body but also helps to fix the mind when yourve had such mental anguish its difficult to make your mind work and concentrate. The other is to use bushcraft to help with Anxiety and Depression by being outdoors and learning new skills and keeping your hands working all the time. Theres no time to think too much. The third is involving more disabled into bushcraft.

Bushcraft is one thing that no matter what level of disability you have its something you can do and push yourself to be around people and participate in life it boosts self-esteem, helps one feel in control, more confident, create relationships, release endorphins, and feel more independent.

A conversation I had a few days ago with one of my instructors. He said he knew why I did these courses. I replied Im not giving up otherwise Id be sitting around drinking piss all day.

Yourve got to get out there, participate, be part of life, meet people ,learn!