Ernie from PaleoHikerMD channel posted a great idea on making char from cotton rope. Unless I went to a marine shop I doubt Ill find 100 percent cotton rope the closest I could find was cotton sash cord from the local hardware store and nothing there was listed as 100% mainly 90% so I thought for $3.00 Id give it a go.

Char is a material with a low ignition point allowing it to catch alight with very little spark. I usually use calico from the local sewing material store so rope is a great idea if you can find 100% material. The process to create char is called Pyrolysis which is the decomposition of organic matter at very high temperatures in the absence of oxygen.

I had to cut a small piece of chicken wire to prop the tin onto the stove and it took approx 8 minutes for the smoke to stop. It was rather a small hole. It was designed so you could turn the lid of the tin to seal the hole. The same can be done on tobacco tine by drilling through the hole on the side then swapping the lid around to sit on the opposite side to reseal the tin.

The MSR Pocket Rocket is a great way to make char cloth when a fire isn’t available. While I have it out I was going to try cooking in mess tins. Ive only ever used them to eat from before.

sash cord
loaded into the tin
chicken wire for support
smoke dispersing from the side hole
it got fairly smokey
smoke reducing after 6 minutes
at 8 minutes smoke died out
sash cord isnt 100% cotton
trying again with 100% calico
had a little visitor while i was waiting for the tin to cool
calico char cloth