Emergency by Neil Strauss

Written as a novel and not as a text book for starters. I’m sitting here trying to think of other books that have I reread more times than this one and Dune by Frank Herbert is the only one that comes to mind. Every-time I sit down and read this book I have to keep a note pad with me. The amount of ideas, research matter. inspiration for learning.ideas for articles that I have found between the pages.

The overview is why he became interested in prepping and the lessons and journey he takes into that world. Starting with seeing through apocalypse eyes to noticing the corruption around him and going into history. This book actually started my journey into studying history. Such as with questions. “Why didn’t the Jews leave Nazi Germany”? Funnily enough years after reading this book I’m now living the same or well similar circumstances of Pre-Nazi Germany and the mentality of the people on many levels.

Through the realization that his country cant protect him after Hurricane Katrina and similar events.With research from writing articles for the NY Times with such headings as Birthday Clowns to Avoid and tips on Death Cult Etiquette, you stay amused through the chapters.

You get to page 65 when he explores what happens to the reaction of people to 9/11 by page 88 your looking into the laws that the US passed. Similar to here in Australia that no one noticed or assumed they could never be used against them. A very eye opening section that started me looking into Australian laws.
The second half of the book details his run to learning from tracking , shooting, having a back up plan to learning blades and how to kill and butcher a goat.Becoming part of the circle of life!

I try to put every prepper I meet onto this book because I can see their all runners. Running from fear. The last third of this book the author stops running from life and runs to it. Hes learnt to be a EMT and search and rescue and hes no longer running and in fear hes running toward something. This is a lesson I want every prepper to learn. Skills negate the fear! Id really like to see a sequel after this longer time and see if hes kept up with it all.