Extrema Ratio is a brand I keep coming back to. Yes they are over priced for N690 steel which has eventually the edge holding of D2 with less toughness and better corrosion resistance. With similarities to VG10. N690 is sometimes compared to 440C. I believe N690 has more Cobalt additive.

comparison of blade sizes

I have owned a Venom, Mato Grosso, Kukri and a Shrapnel and have never faulted the edges or the cutting ability. Ive only sold them due to having better blades, however Id like to repurchase the Shrapnel now they are making them with a longer grip and in a desert warfare color. I had one of the first models in black.Im also taking another look at the Mato Grosso. At the time they were too light for what I needed. I was living in an area with hard wood and not rain-forest and training heavily in Kali and wanted something for dual use. However moving up the East Coast of Australia I’m now missing the lighter blade. The waki is also tempting me but the price is holding me back.

closet competitor ASOT-01

Ive collected daggers since I was a teenager and sold most of the ones I have owned. At one time even having a complete collection of Applegate Fairbairns. I have only kept my favorites and enough to remain a legal collector of double edge blades. Its not often Ive been tempted enough to purchase another dagger however the Pugio hits all the right marks.

possible mounting option

The blade itself arrived razor sharp from the box. It looks like they have changed the grip material . The Gen 1 handles tended to mark up after a while from general exposure, the new grip seems more like plastic but very comfortable. The grip lends itself to both reverse and forward grips.

locking mechanism

The only thing I can really fault is the sheath. The locking mechanism seems to be designed to be incorporated onto a shoulder harness, however unlike Tekloks have no system to fit onto Molle and remains a belt only attachment system. The blade also seems to cant in the sheath, I guessing this is purposeful to aid in the draw but looks off when attempting to set up on a chest rig. Im going to have to play with this to seek better mounting options, similar to the hardcore hardware ASOT-01.

ASOT sheath

I think with better mounting options this blade could have competed for the Lethality System Project (LAND 159) Tranche 1 tertiary weapon system which is the basis of the ADF’s new Hand-to-Hand Fighting System. At a guess Id say this system would have had something to do with Paul Cale’s Kinetic fighting system.

staffy had to get her head in there as usual


Blade Length: 110mm

Overall Length: 226mm

Blade Thickness: 4.3mm

Weight: 170g

Blade Material: Böhler N690 Steel

Hardness: 58 HRC

Blade Finish: MIL-C-13924 Burnished

Blade Grind: Razor/Hollow

Handle Material: Nylon

Manufacturer Number: 04.1000.0314/BLK

Country of Origin: Italy