Had a few quick changes in gear for level 2 bushcraft. Ive swapped out my canvas haversack for the Frost River Messenger Bag so I can organize my equipment better. I dont have to pull everything out to get to the stuff at the bottom of the bag. I also have enough room that I can grab my light My Fire bowl from my knapsack at meal times and shove it in the messenger bag after woods.

front partition

I have my notebook, reading glasses and headlamp in the front section and my IFAK, cordage, compass in the rear partition. Which reminds me I now have room to store batteries in with the headlamp. I also have an oilskin bag for collecting tinder in here. This also gives me room to put things like a mylar blanket for setting up shelters for prerequisites . One element I lacked on past courses were not having a secondary smaller bag for carrying crap around.

rear partition