I tried out several items from my old Get Home Bag, which I based around the set ups by Corporals Corner and the Grey Bearded Green Beret listed below. I changed a few things around to suit more the packing of the items and updated a few items that I owned to a heavier duty versions.

I started packing everything into ziplock bags and removing any pouches or existing bags to reduce weight, added a Silky pocket boy for cutting wood. There is a lot of stuff in an IFAK that I wouldnt use. Its more major cuts Id be treating.

I would only need one contractor bag for filling with soft material for sleeping on or water proofing and collecting water. Ive purchased a Helikon tex Poncho so the holes line up with the poncho liner . Im also going to pre rig a ranger roll and strap it to the bottom of the bag so its ready to go. This saves room in the main pack and I only have to unwrap it if its raining to access the poncho, other than sleeping in it.

Id also have the snugpag stasha Tarp pre rigged with the parachute cord and guylines already attached and rolled up for quick deployment. Im also trying out a few different biodegradable soaps that are also have insect repellent qualities..

Ive also decided to purchase an MSR Pocket Rocket stove and two canisters for boiling water rather than lighting a fire. The little stove can boil water in minutes with little signature.Ive always been put off these stoves due to never being able to find the fuel canisters but for the purposes of a 3 day hike Ive reconsidered.

Shelter kit

Helikon Tex poncho liner

Helikon tex poncho

SSA mylar blanket heavy duty

Snugpak bivi Bag

x1 contractor bag

snugpak tarp Stasha

x4 tent pegs

parachute cord 30m with number 36 bankline prusic loops attached

Fire kit in a zip lock bag

Bic lighter

ferro rod




Water kit

32oz stainless bottle

grayl filter

nesting cup

MSR Pocket rocket plus 2 fuel canisters

Food kit in zip lock bags (still working on this section)

emergency bars

Cliff bars

tuna sachets


Medical kit

AMK .07 pro

Ifak only pressure badage and rats torniquet: in zip lock bags

meds : personal , various pain killers, imodium, antihistamines, :in zip lock bags

Nav kit in zip lock bags


compass silva ranger

Tool kit :some of it in zip locks

bank line

silky pocket boy saw

spork titanium



tops knife hog 4.5

multi tool

gorilla tape






hygiene kit :in a zip lock bag

tooth paste



sanitation kit :in a zip lock bag

wet wipes

alcohol hand sanitizer


Accessory kit :always kept in vehicle

jacket thermal layer

spare hat

Youtube links for Corporals Corner and the Grey Bearded Green Beret GHBs

Bug out bag Food

MSR Pocket rocket


SSA Mylar all Weather blanket




Camping Goat

Bush soap