Todays scout took us up several tracks looking for a place to try out building a lean-to shelter. Many were over grown, but a good day out. Found some great little creeks and it seems Ive become addicted to taking pictures of mushrooms.

When my health picks up its my idea to have my mate drop me up near one of the spots we checked out today, which is about 30kms from where Ill be living and try out my GHB and walk the tracks back home and do at least one over nighter, maybe two to check out all my gear and what may be lacking.

track leading to camping spot
creek bed
rock escarpment overhang
mushrooms yet to ID
lots of trees downed by storms
that tree is almost 3 feet across
tree hollows almost large enough to sleep in
more mushrooms first red one Ive seen
these mushrooms were all over the place