Here is the time table for Jake’s training courses for 2022. I hoping to get back to NSW after June to do more training with Jake. I still have to sell my caravan, build a 14 foot offroad trailer, mushroom ID course, pig butchery course and my level 2 bushcraft before heading back to the East Coast. I can highly recommend training with Jake.

The first time I met Jake was in was in 2018. I had recovered from my second double lung transplant, renovated an old bedford 1976 bus and started driving around the country doing as many bushcraft courses as I could possibly find.

I had spent 12 years of my life hauling around an oxygen bottle and it was on my bucket list to train in bushcraft.A mate had helped me drive up to QLD “thx adrian” and I had started traveling back down the east coast. Looking back I think i may have pushed my self too much that first few years. I had started back in 4 martial arts and retrained for my heavy vehicle license.

mother tree

I was just recovering from a major chest infection and had contacted Jake who was good enough to make time to do a private day for me with a lowered immune system training in groups I always have to be careful.

We spent the day walking around a national park looking at the native food plants and telling me the stories associated with the plants such as what plants came into fruit when yabbies for in season, or when the whales were due into the coast.


We made our way through the park doing a little of everything from tracking to history. the walk almost killed me with reduced lung capacity at the time. Its 65% on a good day, but I learnt what sort of person Jake was the way he took axtra care of my health situation. At the time

We ended up at the Mother tree and looked at the Viking ruins carved into the rock side. A day a will never forget. before heading back to the vehicle and an intro to tracking. The most important thing I learnt that day was how to use a firebow standing up. Theres no way I can use one kneeling down, half my diaphragm doesnt work. Jake made it possible for me to do a basic skill which I found very difficult with my other injuries. its not the big things that exite me anymore its the little things I have to relearn how to do that give me more appreciation.

rock crevace

Every time Im passing through NSW I always try and catch up with Jake for a day of training.