Maxpedition gear pocket organizer

Im currently going through all my gear getting it ready for my Intermediate bushcraft course in a few months. Some of the items Ive written about in previous posts but the following have a few ideas that Ive picked up that others may be interested in.

ill be going through and posting about the complete contents of my pack and what Ill be taking and upgrades to gear.

Im using a Maxpedition gear pocket organizer 130mmx 200mm storage bag for my hygiene kit. Which holds my tooth paste, bamboo tooth brush and dental floss on the left side. On the right side are brute roll on deodorant, hand sanitizer which is also included in the toilet roll system and Ive upgraded from wilderness wash which will be moved to the cooking gear bag and replaced with Palmolive Naturals milk and honey. I couldnt find a small container of aveeno soap wash. moisturizer soap goes a long way after a week in the bush. Ive also cut a Sea to Summit towel in half to save space.

toiletries bag

In the toilet roll bag which is designed to be water proof and be hung from a tree branch are a half roll of toilet paper, a small wet wipes, once again hand sanitizer, matches and a Bic lighter held within a exotac fire sleeve

toiletries contents