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One of my pet peeves is having to roll up all my bedding every day into compression sacks that were never made large enough to fit an article back into. I came across this ranger roll idea on a few youtube channels and pulled out all my gear to see how small I can roll up my bivvi bag, sleeping bag, liner and sleeping pad. To see if I can strap it to the bottom of my pack to save room and make it easier to set up my sleep system.

bivvi bags compared

Looks like it will work. Id like to change out the sleeping bag to a Snugpak complete special forces system and the sleeping pad to a Nemo tensor short mummy. Comparing the snugpak Special forces bivvi bag to my Platatac Burrow. The Snugpak is alright for a bug out bag but Id much rather the Platatac Burrow system, Better quality ,more rugged, sown in grommets for tying up and pegging down, mosquito net included. Id prefer this for using long term.

roughly rolled up for sizing

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