Well if a person with a fuked back and two double lung transplants can get off their arse and build a bus , travel around Australia doing bushcraft courses. Think of what a healthy person can do. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I may not be able to remember the names to all he places. These are bringing back a lot of memories that I havent been able to look at for some time. This post started by me looking for a partial tattoo design I wanted to start. There will be lots of cat and dog photos, camp grounds and landscapes.

my set up as I first started off
what my back may look like but with ribs off one side and latin saying “today is a good day to die”.
my co pilot
cat and dog enjoyed the trip
half way across the hay plain
why are you disturbing me
northern NSW
sunny spot
mother tree gosford
viking ruins
they were never apart the dog took it hard when the cat passed
mid nsw kangaroos near camp
not even a growl
they never left my side
the boss
look at the chest 30 kilo female too
always has to touch
the first obsidian arrowhead I made
she thought she was a dog
halfway home
millicent SA
what are you doing
they made an entire park of dead red gums looks magnificent
a lot of health issues lately been thinking too much
first camp barrossa valley
may have taken this too far
barrossa landscape
I ended up living under this tree for 18 months during lockdown
the size of the red gums
where I did my 4wd course
first there
sun set near camp
always on me
what my bus used to look like