(Note : Snaring is illegal in Australia)

Poachers Knot vs the Scaffold knot vs the Canadian Jam knot ?

I became more interested in this side of bushcraft after watching the Australian Alone Program and thought it couldn’t possibly be that difficult. Driving around Southern Tasmania I see roadkill every 50 feet.

The Scaffold knot is tied the same way as a poachers knot except it has one extra turn. What Id like to try for myself is which knot sets faster and stays tight between the Poachers knot and the Canadian Jam knot. When a Jam knot locks it becomes tighter and tighter. The nooses are also different. The noose is part of the Jam knot where as the noose from a Poachers knot is formed from the main line being passed through the eye of the Poachers knot.