A mate asked me which ponchos I would recommend and I haven’t found many lately that Ive really liked. They seem to be made of lighter and lighter nylon material. The ones I own are from left a multicam model I imported from the US many years ago that I can no longer find and still remains my favorite in a ripstop. A valhalla Tactical model I use for light weight trekking in my GHB, a Hazard 4 that Ive just noticed have come out with a liner version and an old Australian army ozcam made in material and not nylon which has lasted me 20 years from The kit Bag. I just never liked ozcam.

The Hazard 4 would have to be the best on the current market but expensive. Ive hardly worn this one due to be too hot where I used to live.

I have actually contacted Platatac and suggested a poncho made from the same material as their bivi bags which I think would really suit the Australian climate.