Alton Goods

Tarps I own. Ill start largest, smallest then what I use the most. My larger tarps are DD hammock tarps in 3×3 and 4×4 Id alo like a 5×5 these are in olive but Id like to get some in coyote if they do another run in that colour. These fold up the the biggest of the ones i have and have been gradually redefined into my shelter box in the back on the 4×4 to set up as cooking, toilet, sanitation stations.

The smallest I have is the Snugpak and this also folds up the smallest in diameter and is kept in my GHB for no other reason but for the minimal weight. The military hootchie stays in my hunting gear which is the only time I use multicam now. Nice heavy duty material this has lasted me 8 years. Great piece of kit.I may buy another and stich them together to have a larger size, I just find the size better for me. The one I own I believe is slightly smaller than the model in the links.

The tarp I am currently testing out is by Alton Goods in a 3×3 m size. It folds up smaller than the DDs and has more tie off points and i will be using thsi during my level 2 training and will post a review after more use. So far the only thing I dont like about the Alton is the big bright white logo on one corner. I purchased it to hide in the bush not stand out. The colour suits the bush here nicely.

My level 1 course i used my hootchie and it was not large enough. I had it tied high and the pegs I used were light weight titanium. They lasted one day and I made timber pegs. The wind picked up and not only pulled the pegs out but bent several and tangled the hootchie cord. I later changed to 3mm paracord which doesnt tangle as easily and prefer to make my own pegs after setting up using heavier alloy pegs now.

There was another student that had the DD 3×3 and that was set high but tied to the ground. He could sit up in it and also no wind blew underneath. That thing never moved. The first thing I did when I got home was order a 3×3.

I also have an oilskin tarp made by Remote Projects but I havent used it enough to do a review but worth checking out. Im trying to go more and more traditional how ever weight is also a consideration.

Ive had to borrow some pictures. My breathing /asthma has been playing up and Ive just come off being dosed up with antibiotics and steroids. When the posts are short and Im not using my own pictures then it usually means my health is playing up.


Snugpak Stasha 244×163 cm 96″x64″

Hootchie 276×176 cm×4-olive-green/DD-97170